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In a essence It is the Seed which gets manifested into the Giant Tree which we can see through the Horoscope. Vimshottari Mahadasha is the Unique feature in the Vedic Astrology really help us understand how things are going to unfold into persons life.

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There wont be a Single day in our life we are not running under any mahadasha. Vimshottary Mahadashas are Nakshatra Based Mahadashas.

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Their Sequence is PreDecided. Also the Legth of the Mahadasha is also predecided. Jupiter will continue..

That is why You always see people saying that Vimshottari dasha are the Nakshatra Based dasha. Basically They are pointing Towards the same Technique which we discussed in the above Paragraph. When you will Learn these Division of Vedic Astrology you will have deep insights and unique perspective about your life through Astrology. All these form of Astrology will help you grow as a person. We can Choose a Best Possible moment to commence certain events at Certain moments so that we can perform those activities for the desired optimum results.

Please Watch my Video on the same topic. Click To Tweet. Panchanga are 1. And Mercury is neutral. So the Hora of your Ascendant also important, because it determines the horas of all the houses. So as states above houses under the lordship of Moon, Venus and Saturn are beneficial houses if your Ascendant is in the Hora of the Moon.

Ascendant at Houses under the lordship of Moon, Venus and Saturn are beneficial houses if your Ascendant is in the Hora of the Moon. So houses in the Hora of the Moon are strongest for an Aries Ascendant, these are 4th, 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th Houses.

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  8. Sun is Weak in this Chart. Sun at Sun is in 8th House as Sun:Weak. Moon is Strong in this Chart. Moon at 4.


    Moon is in 5th House as Sun:Weak. Venus is Strong in this Chart. Venus at Venus is in 8th House as Sun:Weak. Mars at Mars is in 11th House as Moon:Strong. Jupiter at 3. Jupiter is in 1st House as Sun:Weak.

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    Saturn is Strong in this Chart. Saturn at Saturn is in 8th House as Sun:Weak. Mercury is Neutral in this Chart.

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